Desert Sunglasses

Desert Sunglass began over 58 years ago. We weren’t started in someone’s mom’s garage or on a beachside out of a van, rather our roots sprang from a family-owned optical business and a true passion for great looking eyewear.

In 1962, the Obstfeld family sold their successful optical business in Iowa and moved to Arizona. They saw an opportunity to become the first major wholesale company to bring affordable fashion eyewear to the Valley of The Sun. The business plan was simple; sell quality fashion sunglasses in a place with year-round sunshine at affordable prices. Customers loved it, and from those humble beginnings, Desert Sunglass has grown to become a premier eyewear supplier serving many diverse channels of trade all over the world.

As far as a wholesale suppliers go, we do things a bit differently. Let’s start by acknowledging the misconception that suppliers in the value priced eyewear industry are all cut from the same mold, offering the same tired styles with little concern for innovation or quality. Our approach is quite the opposite. We believe that all value sunglasses are not created equal and built our business on this simple premise. We remain true to our focus of providing exceptional quality, superior style, and outstanding service our customers can depend on. Our eyewear provides the highest perceived value in the business, and because of our strong roots in the optical industry we understand the need for quality craftsmanship, fashion, and function in the eyewear category.

Most people have a unique sense of individual fashion and look for that special pair of sunglasses that fits their personality and lifestyle. With Desert Sunglass, they are sure to find the right pair for every occasion.

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