Laser Gifts

LaserGifts is the premier souvenir and gift company in the United States today. For 30 years, it has manufactured superior, high-quality and high-profit products, specializing in name programs. Products can be found in many prominent locations such as nationally recognized attractions and popular gift and souvenir stores.

Some of the best-selling name programs revolve around David Mudrick’s patented method of providing personalized souvenirs including a solar powered souvenir. In additon, LaserGifts wood items like the Multi-Wood Pen, Rosewood Key Ring, and Multi-Purpose Tool have become industry favorites. LaserGifts is one of the larger employers in Northern Arizona between the three facilities that make up company headquarters in Prescott, Arizona.

In response to retailer requests, LaserGifts currently seeks to provide the latest low cost, high margin name programs with suggested retail price points of $4.99 or less. This applies to the three newest offerings for the 2013 season: Eco-Friendly Bamboo Pens, Pocket Nail Files, and 4D Bookmarks. Each of these personalized programs is also printed with a patent pending QR Code that links to This revolutionary new technology allows customers to scan this QR Code with a smart phone device that instantly takes them to the page. Once there, customers can enter their names and learn a multitude of fun facts including name origin, meaning, and popularity. Customers without a smart phone device can visit directly through any web browser. 

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