Founded in 2015, Mixologie is a USA made personal care and home fragrance brand with a passion for quality ingredients and beautiful packaging.

Our flagship line of blendable perfumes bring a fresh approach to the world of fragrance. Say goodbye to alcohol-laden, over-priced, "one size fits all" perfumes. Say hello to soft, subtle, long-lasting scents that can be customized to create unique and personalized blends.

The full line up of Mixologie products now includes: 

  • Rollerball Perfumes

  • Gift Sets

  • Top Shelf Luxury Lotions

  • Moisturizing Body Mist

  • Keychain Perfumes

  • Moisturizing Body Wash

  • Men's Cologne, Beard Oil, Lotion, Body Wash, and Manscaping Cream

  • Home Collection: Room Sprays, Diffusers, Foaming Hand Soaps, and Laundry Sheets

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