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Bloom Brothers started business in 1906 and was one of the very first wholesale souvenir companies in the United States suppying souvenir stores with postcards, Indian items, and leather pokes, to sell to the tens of thousands of tourists coming to Yellowstone national park. Eventually Bloom Brothers was selling to thousands of retail souvenir stores in the USA and was one of six founding exhibitors of the first souvenir trade show in the USA in 1966, The Smoky Mountains Gift show. After being operated and owned by four generations of the original founders Bloom Brothers was sold to a roll up company, Stravina, which was funded by a venture capital group. The new owner had a tough time making a profit and in 2006 filed bankruptcy. In Nov. of 2007 management of Bloom Brothers turned out the lights and told their employees their jobs were over. Squire Boone Village learned of Bloom Brothers plight and made an offer for the struggling company who now had a reputation for not being able to ship orders. During 2007 most stores who had been loyal customers of Bloom Brothers had moved on to other suppliers who could fill their orders.

Squire Boone Village's offer was accepted and now SBV is in a rebuilding stage and trying to preserve the original Bloom Brothers Company established long ago in 1906.

Bloom Brothers is known for custom imprinted leather bags, pokes, purses, and other items made of leather. Also Native American replica items, jewelry, and novelty items 

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